Custom Waterscapes and Hardscapes


Custom Hardscapes

We offer a variety of options for custom hardscapes and rockscapes. These structures can be built to any specifications you like, and can include:

• Natural & Artificial Elements
• Boulders
• Stonework

• Masonry
• Tile
• Lighting
• Feng Shui Designs

Built for You

Your hardscape may be incorporated into the larger design of your landscape, a fountain, or a standalone feature meant to draw attention. The result is entirely up to you, and your wishes.


Custom Waterscapes

Our custom waterscapes evoke a sense of peace and calm, allowing you to enjoy a moment to yourself after a stressful day of work. Our waterscapes can be simple or complex to suit your needs and aesthetic tastes. Custom waterscapes can take the form of:

• Fountains
• Swimming Pools
• Jacuzzis with Special Jetting
• Ponds and Koi Ponds
• Waterfalls
• Dry River Beds
• Lakes & Streams
• Water Gardens
• Biological Filtrations,
  Filters, & Pumps
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